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Dear All

Welcome to this web log especially created for your reference to tutorial matters as well as other communication pertaining ‘Selling’ of Pantun a Malay poetic form classified as a main element of classical literature. This definition is not quite accurrate as we see pantun used in every day life until this very moment.  (Perhaps, classical should be classic )  The most recent expression of pantun was performed in a scene of Peranakan Malay festive celebration among the characters in The Little Nyonya, a Mandarin drama series.

More on selling and buying of pantun will be dealt with in the lecture.  The coming entries in this blog are mainly two types:

1. Standard tutorial assignment and readings
2. Comments and reflection from the instructor either intrapersonally or interpersonally

All of which welcomes comment and response either directly to the entries or in other intergrated modes of learning: email, face-to-face, group discussion in tutorial, conversation at the canteen etc.

Hope the learning is intellectually and culturally charged with positive energy of all kinds.

Selamat Belajar dan salam sejahtera

Let’s perform a pantun:

Salam bahagia pagi bertuah
Selamat bertemu di blog ini
Anak pelajar rajin dan petah
Mencari ilmu memupuk nurani

Jyh Wee Sew


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