Tutorial 1 (Week 3)

Study this pantun (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantun)

Singapura negeri baharu,

Tuan Raffles menjadi raja,
Bunga melur, cempaka biru,

Kembang sekuntum di mulut naga.


Singapore is a new country,

Tuan Raffles has become its lord,
Indian jasmine, frangipanni,
Blossoms one flower in the dragon’s mouth. (Translated by Katherine Sim, p.40)

Activity 1: Read the pantun aloud

Activity 2: Sing or recite the pantun

Oral Questions

1. What are the rhyming pairs?

A____________  A_____________

B_____________ B_____________

2. What are the symbolic statements?

3. What are the actual messages?


Examine another example below and repeat the above exercise: http://www.pantunonline.com/v2/

ke pasar minggu membeli arang
untuk memasak kuih sepit
benarkah seperti dikata orang
amalan puasa menjimatkan duit?


Sunday market, go charcoal getters,

With fire of it loveletters rise;

Truth is unsure in common chatter,

That fasting  is penny wise.  


(my translation updated 11 Jan. 09)







Written Question

1. Write a pantun in pairs, by creating symbolic statements followed by actual message

a. Adjust the rhyming

b. Trim the syllables

c. Replace the words


Katharine Sim More than a Pantun: Understanding Malay Verse (Times Publishing International, Singapore, 1987 edition) 

Terima kasih dan selamat berpantun

Cikgu Sew


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