Reflection on Translating a Pantun in Tutorial 1

Dear All

I kinda regret for not being able to keep the ten versions of my translation of the second pantun in Tutorial 1:

The current version took 3 days and nearly 15 changes.  What’s the point?

Hope to guide on pantun-ing berpantun, either as creation or translation and to show that A.W. Hamilton is a Malay genius!

When writing a pantun the first draft always looked superficially good, especially when four terse lines are concerned.

As I reread the mess was embarrassing.  What’s the point?

We should write the favourite lines and hide them some where so that you may work on them.

WordPress is marvellous as it allows for drafts to be saved.

For this module no new blog is necessary as you may send your pantuns under comment directly to this blog.

Those who have already begun blogging  previously may blog at their sites and post the creations in the class blog when they are happy enough to do so.  Remember to start entries under module three to progress upwards! If you need a new blog get it from tagged under this blog. 

Selamat berpantun dan belajar bahasa Melayu



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