Segmen Pantun

Dear All

RTM1 has a pantun segment every Wednesday around 820am to 830am. 

I was ecstatic this morning when I saw the pantun transactions between phone-in callers who were:

Zack , and two others from Singapore;

two from Melaka, Wak Ali from Johor, one from Terengganu and one from the north (utara).

I learn something from watching the pantun-ing processes: 

You do not need to phrase the message into a question in order to sell pantun.

All pantuns when uttered to a person is automatically a poetic invitation to response.

Because the power of indirectness in Southeast Asia does not require question mark to solicit response.

Here is one for all:

Pagi-pagi menonton tivi (tv),

Nampak segmen pantun-memantun;

Wahai semua pelajar yang berbudi,

Tolong berikan cikgu hadiah pantun.



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