Remainder of LAM3201

Dear All

Hope you find this helpful.  Please abide by the time line for project.





Week 7


formerly Rentong


Completed at

ADM 404

2 Mar 9-11am


General and specific skills of reading Malay


Week 8

Listening and

Written test


week 8

Comprehension based on Rentung  

this exercise completes the creative Malay comprehension

Week 9

Standard Malay

in use


Week 9

Revisiting Pantun 


this is a refresher to prepare for projects

Week 10

Modes of

written Malay


Week 10

Reading Feature 

Week 11

Malay Proverb2


Week 11

Reading News Report

Week 12

Practical Writing


Week 12


Students share their buying of pantun

Week 13 Sharing:


Students share the digital form and pantun via OHP


No Tutorial

Final Submission of URL of Pantun is:


27 March 2009


Terima kasih



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