Marinating Pantun

Dear All


I have gone through four and half blogs (2 today, 2 and half previously, the other half was not ready) and render comments on the pantun qualities, respectively.


You may email me anytime to take a last look before 31 Mar. 09. 

After which, 1-3 Apr. is the last marinating period of your own.


The pantun assessment is on 3 Apr. at 2 pm. thus the last change is before 10 am lecture, 3 Apr. 09


You should also adjust your digital form so the pantun is not too small to the picture. 

It may also be next to the visual depending on the semiotics of presentation. 


If you are using comic strip, please ensure the relationship is directly linked to the pantun. 

The semiotic proxy between digital form and pantun is also relevant in the overall assessment of the 20%.



The criteria of evaluation include:


The lenth of each line.

The poetic flow of each line.

The ABAB rhyme.

The symbolic qualities at the right locality.

The actual messages at the right locality.

The semiotics of pantun and its digital form.

The overall poetic feel when I read you pantun aloud

The overall semantic strength when I hear you pantun in my and your voices.

The overall pragmatic force when I listen to your rendition of pantun in the sharing in the final tutorial and lecture.



Terima kasih



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