Malay 3 Ahoy Acad Year 2010/11 Semester 1

LAM 3201 MALAY 3


This is a module of intermediate Malay for enhancing oral and written proficiency. Learners are introduced to grammar intricacies including abstract noun and verb formation, metaphorical reference creation, Malay cultural worldview and poetic interplay of Malay words. Following the grasp of Malay grammar as the basis of comprehension the learners will develop essay and oral presentation as the learning outcomes of the module.  The contact time of this module consists of 2 hour lecture and 2 hour tutorial.

Content Overview Marks %
Coursework 160 70
Tutorial: weekly attendance and consistent blog and class contribution 10m    
Pop quiz 10m 20 10
Essays: Blog entry 1 between 100 to 120 words with a digital form (Week 8) 30m    
               Blog entry 2  between 100 to 120 words with a digital form (Week 9) 30m 60 20
Test1: Grammar [Lecture Week 7]  40m    
Test2: Listening [Tutorial Week 7]  30m 70 20
Project: Oral Presentation in a group of three or four (due Week 12) 30 20
Examination 100 30
Comprehension 25 7.5
Proverbs 20 6
Grammar: Prefix, Suffix, Preposition, Adjectives, etc. 30 9
Malay Song 10 4.5
Composition 15 3

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