Blogging Malay on 9 Aug.

This is the entry for LAM3201 to post at least one comment containing:

The experience of setting up a blog for Malay learning with the URL LINK


Learners will set up their blogs based on online instruction uploaded in IVLE. All learners must post a comment to the class blog on 9 Aug. as a participatory gesture. The comment may not necessary be a query but a remark on the easy, difficult, interesting experience encountered from setting up the web log with the learner’s blog URL.

If you are using URL of a previous blog please made three changes to it. The changes may be appearance, new link, a new post, a new picture, etc.


4 thoughts on “Blogging Malay on 9 Aug.

  1. Hi, Cikgu Sew, very sorry for the late comment coming from me. I just read everything in the lecture notes and realised there is a task here as well 🙂

    I would like to ask what do you mean by setting up the web log with the learner’s blog URL? Aren’t we supposed to just have a wordpress account?

  2. Hi Jia En

    Setting the web log simply means create a blog with wordpress

    and then send me the URL. If you choose to use the previous one then make some changes and explain in the new entry why you made the changes…

    Hope this is clear to you now…terima kasih, cikgu

  3. hi cikgu! Does this mean we have to blog a post in malay on “The experience of setting up a blog for Malay learning with the URL LINK”?

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