Vocabulary from Kuliah Kedua

Dear All

here are the words we have  discussed thoroughly inclusive of the function of the affixes found in the words:

kecenderungan – inclination

jiwa – spirit / soul

muda – young

terpapar – shown / illustrated

bermula – begin

melancarkan – to launch

dikunjungi – visited

beratur – queue

mengenai – about / concerned with

kecacatan – special [handicapped]

tergugat – fazed

datang – ……………………..?


3 thoughts on “Vocabulary from Kuliah Kedua

  1. Hi Cikgu. This is just to inform you that I have recently updated my blog post to increase the number of malay sentences to 12.

    1. Terima kasih

      I have replied your reply

      Could u please colored the ones?

      You could put up new entry so I will notice right away

      Selamat petang will check over the weekend


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