Ringkasan Naratif Digital Pertama: Summary of First Digital Narrative

Terima kasih kerana menghantar naratif digital pertama.

I have marked all the first digital installments and here are some remarks:

1. Ensure that the title is correctly spelled out as it is the first impression of your narrative.

2. While there is no limit to the length, the longer you write you are more prone to make errors.  Please reread and make corrections to avoid deduction of marks.

3. Some of the paragraphs could be rearranged to accentuate the power of the narrative and optimize the reading pleasure.

4. The visual is making big contribution as you put faces and semiotic ownership to the stories.  Make good use of contrasting power especially the before and after effect. (think cosmetics products)

5. Caption could be contrasted clearly. Make good use of luminosity so the caption reads better

6. Spelling error in the caption is a put off

7. Ensure every part of the narrative is represented in the visuals if it is a list of similar variables

8. Kindly factor in my comments for the next submission which is by next Wednesday 13 Oct.

9. Keep it medium and well done!

Below is just a treat of acappella for a quick break


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