Komen tentang naratif digital: Comments on the digital narrative

 Terima kasih kerana semua orang telah selesai kerja masing-masing

1. Kelas tuisyen

This entry consists of good points and a nice visual attempt to portray the fall out of home tuition. There is a mismatch between the text and the pictures as the latter show an impatient tutor while the former warns about making tuition as the way to education. One missing point is that tuition might be a fashion among parents or learners.

2. Kerja sosial

A nicely crafted reflection with statistics showing there is so much we can do in making a loving society. The various pictures show a progression of a good habit since school days, which lock in the message on the joy of serving others earnestly.

3. Keluarga saya

The reflection could be more impactful had the editing been more thorough. A very heart-warming video clip of the ‘familiar’ love that becomes part of the core values in the conventional Asian society. It reminds us who we really are in relation to the closer others. Laughter and the song could be made audible in the digital clip.

4. Pencemaran

The visual is powerful showing the aftermath of human destructions. The music might be changed to a less forceful tune to suit the content of the text requesting humans to cut down waste. A little sobbing and a warning voice might complete the visual, along with some editing on the print.

5. Sejarah Bukit Chandu

This is an important reminder of a forgotten episode in the local history. The critical attempt could use the Malay norm of saying it indirectly. The visuals are well executed although the exclusive first person pronoun, kami may be used to include the other person in the visual.

All the learners exhibited a capacity of working with written Malay at the intermediate level. The sentences and vocabulary chosen are of a certain degree of syntactic and morphological sophistication. The logic of writing in each presentation has developed beyond the basic interest and these learners tackled issues of national and personal importance.

Congratulations to the learners for using Malay as the medium to craft their thoughts intelligently and to perform their feelings visually on an issue close at heart. They presented their intention and advocate semiotically in multiple combinations of digital forms. There is, however, a lack of perceptive audio with the exception of a piano rendition in an early entry. To sustain the Malay linguistic and visual-audio intelligences, regular written-semiotic practice may be one key approach.


Terima kasih dan selamat belajar

Jyhwee Sew


2 thoughts on “Komen tentang naratif digital: Comments on the digital narrative

  1. hi cikgu sew,

    i read the comment on why there isnt any picture of the datuk. Usually, we do not post up pictures of the less fortunate on blogs or any other forms of media as they are considered vulnerable population and by showing them on mass media, pple can recognise them and might treat them differently consciously or subconsciously when they see them. thats why everything when they have charity shows or shows showing actors/actresses going to help them in their homes, it can be pretty intrusive and there can be unintended consequences. i hope you understand.


    1. Ok I see Minta maaf,

      Yes I recall vaguely now what my lecturer said when I took counseling 2 decades ago,…we do not ask reporters to ra ra the assistance we delivered as charity

      Thanks for the refresher, selamat berkhidmat, cikgu

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