Recap with southeast asian flavours

Selamat Malam

Sampai sekarang baru senang…sebab tulis modul  dua.  Awak ingat tak? Do you remember?

Which line in sepuluh budak hitam represents the kampung spirit?

Benjamin reminds us the gotong-royong spirit.

We recall that kelip = glitter

Kelip-kelip = fire fly

kelap-kelip mentioned by Xue En = the neon lights overhanging the window

mandi-manda that follows =  bathing merrily

So we notice

X-X: kelip-kelip  equivalent in Mandarin mei mei (pretty pretty)

O-X: kelap-kelip equivalent in Mandarin: U-chi Ma-hei (pitch dark)

X-O: mandi-manda equivalent in Mandarin: Hong dong dong (dark red)

You may find these patterns in Hokkien and Cantonese too

or or   vs. hak hak

or lu lu vs. hak mang mang

or so so vs. u sei sei

or chap chap

compare mandi manda with cantonese fa li fa luk or mandarin bu san bu si

or in hokkien,  Em sa Em si

Of course the dialects are just mind teasers since you have dialectal knowledge. The point is there is no one fixed pattern in Malay doubling.

Feel free to add new examples in your own dialects if you still know some.

Selamat malam.


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