Soalan pelajar saya

1. I don’t understand q 3.

What are the typical features of meanings in peN….an-nouns compared to ke……an-nouns? Look at the meaning of the base words and check out the new meanings after the affixation. Is there a difference in terms of abstractness, e.g. pendapatan vs. kecantikan.

2. How do we explain the meaning? in English or Malay?


in Malay to provide the Malay explanation as a Malay learner would like to do.

3. The text is quite hard.


Here is the background to locate the reading.  It is an excerpt on the queue for IPHone 4 in Sept 2010. It shows a digital generation clearly exists.  The time-line for submission is to ensure that there is some quality time spent to decode and encode Malay so that we can have more pro-active learning experience. We shall meet next Friday to discuss Any Problems arising from learning after the learners have done some applied linguistic work on their parts.

Terima kasih



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