Summary on Small blog entry 2

I enjoy reading the entries of those who shared their experience.

Sharon has a busy schedule and a respite. 

Benjamin feels sad after visiting a common area.

Xue En has a funny reflection and a new friend.

Valerie came to realize the issues of caring the different social groups especially a particular age group.

Jonathan has a good time yet felt sad about the quake at NZ.

Zhenqin has deepened her historical perspective from a social visit.

Shirley has been stacking up her mental content in the break as well as having a good time at home. 

Shan Ying has mixed feelings happy for and sad about a close friend leaving for overseas experience.

Jieyi telah pergi ke Pulau Ubin dan berbasikal di Pantai Barat Singapura.

Siew Ee telah merancang untuk menghabiskan tugasannya sebab itu dia tidak pergi mana-mana.

Zhiwei terus membuat kajian bagi disertasinya sepanjang cuti kerana dia memerlukan seratus wawancara dalam analisisnya.

Bagus selamat belajar pada minggu depan.

Terima kasih


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