Soalan lain

1) Why is the Elections Department at Prinsep St known as “Jabatan Pilihan Raya”? I understand the Jabatan and Pilihan but not the Raya part.

Think Hari Raya (The Big Day)

Hence the big choice for votting.

2) I was at Giant and I am confused about 2 Malay labels which I have seen:

(i) Multi-Purpose Paper Towels (i.e. kitchen towels) – Tuala Kertas Serbaguna. I understand tuala is towels and kertas is paper but what does serbaguna mean? Does it come from guna?

Serba is multiple hence serbaguna is multiple uses for the function of the paper towel which goes on to show that the viewpoint is functionally derived.

(ii) Powder Laundry Detergent – Serbuk Pencuci Pakaian

I understand serbuk is powder and pakaian is clothes (or laundry in this context) but why pencuci? Isn’t that washer (i.e. referring to a person)?

Pencuci is washer but may be construed as washing. Pen- is preferred to refer to nouns or noun-like references. Hence washing machine mean mesin pencuci baju.

Similarly we have walking stick, jogging shoes, dancing shoes in which the first word is referring to the type of function rather than action.


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