Interesting Question: Soalan Menarik

1.How can I change the sentence

‘Jumlah pelancong ke Singapura meningkat 20.7 peratus ke 950,000’

into a transitive but not a passive question?

Ans: Jumlah pelancong ke Singapura naik 20.7 peratus ke…


2. But I can’t ask naik ‘apa’. but i will have to ask naik ‘berapa’ right?

so how is this a transtive sentence?

Note that naik is stronger than meningkat because

meningkat is a derived verb: meN + tingkat; naik stands alone.


The test on the difference also shows that naik is testable with apa.


Naik apa? Vs. *meningkat apa?


We can say naik kereta to the test.

There seems no answer for meningkat in the test.


That is why i offer naik when you asked

for a transitive version to meningkat.


Things become tricky with a value

…naik 20%; its transitivity is weakened.


The reason as told is due to value bringing abstractness 

that is bound with berapa as a grammar norm.


Berapa X; whereby X is a value or number. 

Hence, we may say that


Jumlah pelancong ke Singapura naik 20%

is more transitive than

Jumlah pelancong ke Singapura meningkat 20%.


This concurs with the findings published in Language 1980 that

 transitivity is a matter of degree not a straight forward phenomenon.


There is little clear-cut division in humanities, is there?

Hence fate, fortune-telling, karma and other fluid concepts

are used to relieve the discomfort of everyday arbitrariness. 


terima kasih dan soalan daripada Cik Loshini


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