Voicing Video Penataraan Bunyi Video

We appreciate Brenda Lee’s sharing of her steps to voice over to the video clip for E-learning.

Kita berterima kasih kepada Cik Brenda Lee yang berkongsi kaedah membuat penataraan suara di dalam klip video bagi pembelajaran elektronik.

These are the steps to create a video using Movie Maker that I would like to share with the class.

1. I downloaded the Youtube video using Free Youtube Downloader

2. I recorded my audio in parts so that I do not have to cut my audio when I add it into the Movie Maker. (This is easier because sometimes the video and audio might not sync)

3. I added the title and credits

4. Then I added the video and trimmed it into parts.
How to trim the video: Double click the video and ‘video edit’ tab will appear. Select the trim tool and choose your start and end point for different parts of the video. In this case, there will be 10 sub parts to be accompanied with 10 audio files.

5. Add your audio for different parts. Your voice for previous parts might be cut when you add more audio. However, you can overcome this by changing the ending point of the audio.

Note: Video volume should be put to mute so that only your voice could be heard.


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