Here is a question raised by a learner:

I realized that some of the sentences used “ia” while some used “ianya”. May I know the difference between the 2, as well as how to decide which one to use.

Below are the sentences from the notes that used either words:

“Bukan sahaja kita bau wangi malahan ianya mampu memberi ketenangan ke atas minda dan semangat kita”

“Paling murah menjual petrol dan diesel kepada rakyatnya” – is rakyat-rakyat a suitable alternative?

“Dek kerana suka makan kerang dan kebetulan pula ia menjadi rencah utama sambal tahun, saya terus menjamahnya”


1. The only confusion is ‘ianya’ in example 1. The reason is that redundancy is a human trait used to emphasize. So it should just be ia (it) instead of ianya in standard Malay grammar.

2. ‘Nya’ refers to his, her or its. Hence rakyatnya in example 2 means its citizen. Plural need not always be in a double form. Orang for example may be singular or plural depending on the context.

3. Ia (it) as a pronoun used in example 3 is perfectly alright to refer to the dish.

terima kasih


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